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Thank you <3

After eight amazing years, I've decided to merge with MPI 360 in order to move on to new adventures!


MPI is a fantastic real estate photography group with:

  • A team of photographers - so you can book shoots more quickly

  • A Dedicated office Director - so your calls, texts and emails will be answered at the speed of light

  • A sentricard - so you can have more of your time back

  • Additional services like print and floor plans - so all of your marketing needs are met in one place

  • But best of all:

They are artists first and photographers second. They pour their hearts into their clients and their work to ensure that you are happy, just as I always strived to do.

Ready to schedule a shoot?

Contact Rachel Lucas, Director of Real Estate Services 

Text/Phone: 443-878-0003


Click here for a list of services and pricing

This isn't goodbye! 

My journey continues out of the country, and I'll be sure to update everyone on my adventures via Instagram, so follow me to keep in touch! 

Interested in learning RE Photography?

If you're an aspiring RE photographer, then you're in luck! I'm launching a course that'll break down my full business setup, provide tips on what to shoot (and what not to!), and offer unconventional but very effective marketing strategies to find your dream clients. The course launches in one week- join the waitlist for updates!



Interior Design Photog

Five years ago I looked around the empty lobby of the apartment building where I worked as a concierge, and I realized that it was time to fearlessly jump. With $168 in savings and all the courage my heart could muster, I gave two week's notice, and started creating the kind of life that makes my heart sing every day. 

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